Yearly Vet Exam

20150126_122750-1 What should take place at the yearly Vet exam?

Recently I took my dog to the Vets for his yearly exam. Normally, this is something I do with little thought; it’s a date I put on my new calendar every year. While I knew some basics would be covered, I took time to make a list of items to consider when going to the yearly Vet exam.

Is your dog or cat at a healthy weight? Many pets in the US are overweight which impacts their overall health.

Is my dog getting the proper nutrition? Evaluate the proper diet for your pet’s lifestyle, life stage and any health conditions.

Make sure the proper shots are administered. Your pet needs to be up-to-date on all their vaccinations and immunizations.

Is there any odd behavior you need to discuss? An annual wellness exam is the best time to discuss any pecularities you’ve noticed over the past year.

Does my pet need a dentistry? Periodontal disease is common after animals reach 3 years old. It’s best to perform a teeth cleaning early to maintain good dental health and prevent disease.

Discuss flea, tick and heartworm medication. There are many options so ask your Vet what they recommend.

Does my pet need a blood test? Blood tests screen for a variety of issues including liver and kidney disease, diabetes, cancer and heartworm.


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