Five Things to Do to Find Your Missing Pet

lost dog1. Make up flyer’s with your dog’s picture, phone number and reward if possible. Post these flyers in community centers, grocery stores, vet offices, animal shelters or anywhere the flyer has a chance of being noticed.

2. File a lost pet report with every shelter, animal control office and humane society in your area. Visit them as often as possible.

3. Walk and drive through your neighborhood and recruit friends and family to do the same. While you’re out, talk to neighbors and passersby and let them know you are desperate to find your pet.

4. Leave some of your pet’s favorite food and fresh water outside your home in case they find their own way back home.

5. Place ads in local newspapers and onlineat sites such as Missing Pet Network, Petfinder, Find, Center for Lost Pets and Craigslist.

When your pet returns home, make sure to have him/her properly collared and tagged, microchips can be especially helpful in getting your lost pet back.

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